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Software Development

Providing Software Tailored to Your Business

Broch delivers the right solution the first time. We take the time to understand your work and dataflow, then plan and design software that will meet your present and future business goals. We do our best to collaborate with you to develop better ways of doing things.

At Broch Information Services we are specialists in Rapid Applications Development.

.NET Straight Conversions

We offer 1-for-1 conversions of any pre-existing application into a 100% .NET technology solution.

.NET Re-engineering

We offer conversion of any pre-existing application into a 100% .NET solution. This offer includes re-design, re-engineering, improved GUI, new documentation and full implementation assistance.

.NET Custom Development

If you want the fastest, most scalable, most versatile, lightest maintenance custom application you can get, then you want a .NET application. We offer a full range of analysis, design, programming, testing, documentation, and implementation services for .NET technology solutions.

Examples of What We Do

Networked PC Software/ Client Server / The Web

  • Re-writing Legacy Applications to the Windows Environment
  • Moving Applications to a Networked PC Environment.
  • Combining Existing Applications into a Single, Unified Application
  • New Applications Development
  • Data Mining - Complex Reporting Regardless of Data Origin

The Tools We Use

To shorten the normal development cycle, we use these development tools:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Project
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Along with other in-house tools we have developed


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