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Web Site Audit
Although your web site has been running for some time, do you feel that it is not achieving what you expected from it? Perhaps it is time to take an in-depth look at ways in which your site can be more effective.

We offer a specialist web site review service. We will take a critical look at your site and give you an objective assessment of both its strengths and its weaknesses. Among the areas which we will examine are:

  • Download speed

  • Use of content

  • Design and navigation

  • Accessibility to search engines

We undertake this service for a fixed rate of 80 per hour.

Being on-line and having a web presence are not the same. Anyone can create an electronic version of your corporate brochures or services; but you must trail-blaze your presence in a wired world.

Nine out of ten web sites do not meet their targets or simply lack impact. We can analyse your web sites from a technical and business perspective; suggest solutions; and even implement them to raise your profile.

Successful web-based marketing must be an integrated part of an overall marketing plan that encompasses the World Wide Web, the larger Internet and non-Internet strategies. The web presence must be enhanced by other on-line activities - such as banner advertising .

The cross-fertilisation between your web site and traditional marketing techniques - advertising in newspapers, magazines, television, radio, direct mail and billboards - is very important to the success of the web site.

Your URL and e-mail address should be placed in every print-media advertisement and you must consider putting them on every piece of corporate literature.

Television and radio call for a different approach but can also be an integral part of ensuring your web site garners maximum exposure.

And the Internet also has different requirements for copywriting and scriptwriting for external public relations initiatives such as media releases.

The Internet is moving further towards the mainstream and, as a result, the most successful on-line brands have taken up the challenge to build awareness off-line among new Internet users.

The challenge of attracting visitors to your web site is indeed a daunting one but by using an integrated policy to capitalise on the best on-and off-line marketing techniques, your chances of achieving success are greatly enhanced.

This is where the specialised skills of the team can help and we would be delighted to discuss the opportunities of helping your company or organisation better gets its message across in this new media age.

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